It's blatantly obvious about the rapunzle wig. You really are stupid

I AM NOT. I’m trying to figure it out to make it the best I can! Sorry for trying to be accurate! -__-

Happy two anniversary to this little princess and I. 
I started rping her August 20th, 2012.

Did this dude pull out his dick or somethig. Stop making such a huge deal

I promised not to say anything but that may or not be what happened…. oops. 

Well that is blatantly fucking obvious. Are you stupid

I tell my mother everything. sorry for not wanting to lie to her.

Shut the fuck up ill deal with you later.

What sucks is that I told mom Joseph doesn’t like me and she was all surprised and didn’t know why and I couldn’t explain that we talked it out and were okay and the reason he would have to build our relationship again anyways is because he pushed my boundaries. And I know he isn’t like that and he apologized over and over but still. I don’t keep secrets from her and she likes Joseph a lot and it would just confuse her.

okay, let me nerd out here, I became friends with someone who is a character performer (someone who plays a character in the theme parks) at Disney World a couple years ago online and now she’s helping me get the low-down on the Rapunzel wig because I want to try to make it just for kicks! Turns out that thing is three parts, includes foam throughout it to keep the shape, velcrow to the back of the costume and buttons in the bodice to keep it from sliding around her shoulder! and the reason it’s around the shoulder and not down the back like in the movie is because the wig weighs A LOT. Also, people tend to grab and yank on the hair, could you imagine if a kid tried pulling a braid like that?!

but yeah, does this look like three parts to you?! the first is the base around her head, then the braid, then the clip in tail.

Majorly FAngirling



Don’t judge my DM history XD

It sounds like your favorite location is…the Southern Isles I see

Oh yes of course. It’s sunny all year round XD
Don’t judge my DM history XD