do you ever feel like you love a character more than their own writers do

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Well, I've shipped Helsa since I saw the trailer with the movie scenes. I thought they were going to kiss in that prison cell. And the Helsa fandom here is literally the best I've ever been part of. Oh, BTW, since I started following you just today... hey, I'm Cecilia (call me Ceci), my favorite ships right now are Helsa and Rumbelle (I do ship CS, it's just not my OTP), favorite ice cream flavor: strawberry; and yes, I do have a cat. A black cat with greenish-yellow eyes.



Hi!!!! Oh no you really shouldn’t have told me that I am reaaaaaaaally tempted to make a Helsa blog or something (or maybe there’s room on this blog…? Sorry followers it might have to happen). I have no time but I was so close to reading a Helsa fanfic the other day… I think I’m just gonna have to accept the shipping feels and jump in. Hi Ceci I’m Liz :) I love Rumbelle too! Did the Beauty and the Beast dance break you as much as it broke me? Everybody has a cat! You’re all so lucky I love cats!

Oh also, could you possibly recommend me some good Helsa blogs or fanfics etc.? I think it’s time I just accept it and join you all.

FOLLOWERS! Who are you? Whats your favorite color? Favorite ship? Favorite ice cream flavor? Do you have a cat?

Oh, you’re asking me if the dance “broke me”? YES, IT DID.

Actually, I have a pretty unusual story to tell because I’m Italian, so no abc channel in here. I had to find a livestream to watch 4x01 because I didn’t want to wait and download it. The Beauty and the Beast scene was the only one I saw on fullscreen and it was so worth it, I was almost crying and I couldn’t fangirl too much because here it was 2 AM (huge time difference, yup).

About Helsa, I’m trying to follow all those who ship it, but I suggest you these: disneysfrozenguy, simplifiedwords, bookishdruid, calenheniel, highway-to-helsa, disneysnowprincess, thecertifiedfangirl, helsa-headcannons, diggingthegrave, dnrnova, lolhahahano, commanderelsa, disneydamselestelle, forestwendy, petalouda85, princehanssilva, prince-hans-westergard-roleplay, kiestu, ifyouwouldjuststopthewinteranna-of-frozen-arendelle, lisuli79, defyinggravity-elsa, the-musical-cc, puckering-gustin, shutterbones, lamotrijane, morriganravensugar—piethequeensmirror and nixreginamI’ve forgotten too many, I’m SO SORRY.

Okay, now that I’m kinda done with suggesting blogs, time for the fanfictions:

K to T rating:

"Every Moment After", "Mirror’s Edge", "Blue Heiress, Green Eyes", "Thaw", "Cold Hearts", "Strangers", "The Bachelorette", "obeisance", "Taming The Storm", "The Phoenix and The Snowbird", "In Pieces", "It’s my new addiction", "Winter’s End", "Denial", "Everyone Will Know", "Doesn’t Seem Like a Proposal", "Over The Hills and Far Away", "Only human", "Mirror", "To Keep Me From Getting To You", "The North Star", "Disarm", "Icarus", "War Ceases To Begin Again: The Chessboard", and "Taking a Break".

M rating:

"Jump Into the Fog", "Fractures", "Spun", "The Thaw", "An unexpected reunion", "To Melt With You", "Thawing The Frozen Heart", "Against all forecasts", "The Frigid Burn of Fate", "Ghost Hands", "Compromised", "Arranged", "Prisoner", "Mine", "Sex & Violence", "Red Winter", "Triggering Flames", "Don’t Let Me Go", and five stories on AO3 that I love, "Icy Denial", "Shattering the Ice", "Frigid", "the revelations in your skin" and "Lightning"

Oh, yes, you’ve got a lot to read. Sorry… *goes to hide*. I was looking into my Favorites on Fanfiction.net so that’s why I wrote all these… I haven’t mentioned my stories because they’re not nearly as good as all these. Though if you’re interested, there are links to my Fanfiction.net and AO3 profile in my “About me”.

A warning: most of the M rated stories are pretty explicit.

awe I’m in this!!!!! Ily Ceci!!!

Any Helsa fics I should read?

Every moment after is life…. But otherwise I’ve kinda left some in the dark!


Promo photos for 4x02!